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Behind the PREP

Shelby Dixon, or better known as Coach Shelby found the vision behind ProForce after living out her dreams on all fronts,  an NFL field, an NBA arena and a stage! Growing as a performer and living out her passions in dance and pageantry, she knew she wanted to share the gems and knowledge with other woman aspiring to do the same...and here we are today with ProForce Prep!



Her mission is very simple. "Let's werk"! Whether you're auditioning for your first pro team, wanting to be a member of her team, or ready to hit the stage and win the are in the right hands, because your mission is her mission!



Her vision is clear...and she'll tell you, it takes more than dance to make a team or more than a walk to win the crown. As a wife, mommy of 2 (plus a fur baby), and full time web developer, finding time to create another passion to help others is important to her, so you're definitely getting more than prep, but a coach, mentor and supporter.

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