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We are READY to prep you for that PRO team or pageant! 

what do we we do?

ProForce Prep is a professional consulting source in professional cheer, dance and pageantry. We pride ourselves in building and training individuals to making their dream pro team or winning the crown for local, state or national pageants. 

To do this, we offer various options for professional training to help best fit the goals of our trainee.

Under the ownership of former NFL Cheerleader, NBA Dancer, and national pageant title holder, Shelby Dixon. Our ProForce Prep members can ensure they are in the right hands to get all the tips and tools they need to help them feel at utmost confident at their next audition and/or competition.

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win thecrown

We're so excited to announce we are expanding and sharing the wealth! We're ready to prep you for your next, or first pageant! Let's werk!

make the team

Let us help you werk your next audition with the confidence you never knew you had! Work with some of the pros that have been in your shoes!

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